Investment Options

We manage a range of investment portfolios differentiated by their level of investment risk.

1. Defensive

I know that my investments need to grow but I am far more concerned about not losing money. Ideally, I would hope to protect my capital with a small degree of investment risk, even if this means that my investment return is reduced.

2. Cautious

I can balance the need to grow my investments with an element of investment risk, as long as this does not place me in a position whereby a significant part of my wealth is at risk. Ideally I would like to spread my risk in varying degrees balancing my need to deliver a profit, with the security of knowing that if markets unexpectedly turn lower, my overall loss in value could be relatively small and unlikely to place my financial position at risk.

3. Balanced

Ideally I would prefer to spread my risk. However I am also willing to commit to a strategy if this means I can achieve a reasonable profit. If markets unexpectedly turn lower I should still be able to recover any loss in the longer term as my exposure should be spread and somewhat limited.

4. Active

I want to place my priority on achieving a significant investment return knowing that I have to accept an above average investment risk. Ideally I would prefer to take bigger investment decisions that if correct could really improve my position and hope that if markets unexpectedly turn lower decisions can be taken reasonably swiftly to reduce my exposure to further capital loss.

5. Aggressive

I want to invest aggressively in the hope that by doing so I can achieve very significant investment returns in a fairly short period of time. Furthermore, I readily accept that such a strategy could return greater losses if markets unexpectedly turn lower. My philosophy being that one has to speculate to accumulate and that losses can be regained if time and good judgement are on my side.

6. Income

The objective is to secure a long-term regular income stream that over time will be capable of supporting the investor’s expenditure needs. The Strategy is designed for an investor who wants to invest in companies from around the world that can deliver sustainable regular investment income and can accept a higher degree of investment risk than conventional time deposit savings accounts.

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