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The financial situation over the last two or three years with Brexit, the Pandemic and the US elections has been turbulent but Realm have managed the situation to prevent big losses in our portfolio.

Realm appears to study the political situation in detail and is prepared to react quickly while using their experience to predict future market movements.

Brian & Sue J.

5+ Years

We have experienced two significant market downturns in 2008 and again in 2020.

On both occasions Realm navigated these choppy waters smoothly and efficiently, maintained my fund intact and in a strong position to benefit from the calmer conditions which inevitably follow.

Richard T.

10+ Years

I have always been reassured by Realm’s attention to detail when managing my investments.

For example, they identified that my previous investment platform had not acted properly or in my best interest. I was not aware of the problem. Realm fought on my behalf for close to 3 years, eventually taking the case to the Ombudsman who ruled in my favour which resulted in a significant compensation payment to me

Jon D.

10+ Years

Realm have made it their business to ensure they are up to date with my regular changing financial objectives.

I have always felt that REALM is completely lined up with me on defining what good looks like in terms of my investments.

Bob B.

10+ Years

Eugene always has his
finger on the pulse of the markets and updates his
clients via phone, email and

He is very passionate about what he does and on one occasion challenged a decision that took him all the way to the Ombudsman which he won.

He fought the case with passion/conviction and that is what you need when someone is managing your money for you.

Mags B.

6+ Years

My previous experience with investing, had not been anywhere near as successful as with Realm.

The personal touch with them has been second to none and makes me feel that I am very important to them. Realm has successfully held my hand,often helping me to understand by patiently talking me through what in the past has just been a blur of meaningless numbers.

Brian & Sue J.

5+ Years

We have recommended Realm to several friends and family members as we think their services and abilities are so excellent. They have been outstanding in meeting our agreed objectives. 

There have been three major hiccups in the financial ,arkets during our time as customers of Realm. On each occasion they have acted with speed, saved our investments and kept us fully informed. Our investments have grown much better under their supervision than we would be able to achieve on our own - despite the temptation.

Richard T. & Wendy R.

10+ Years

Phil B.

10+ Years

Realm are constantly discussing the changing nature and needs of my portfolio.

I am kept updated on a regular basis about market conditions either by email, or their monthly video. I am sure we can all improve on our service proposition but, I can't think there needs to be a major change as the service is excellent in every way.

Jan F.

7+ Years

The objectives for the portfolio are always discussed and have been achieved. There is a great deal of expertise and experience in Realm. This year, when the market has been difficult, I have been kept fully informed of changes and the actions Realm has taken with my portfolio. This has been reassuring through unusual times.

Phil B.

10+ Years

As an old pensioner now I need to know that my investment portfolio is in safe hands. I no longer have the energy to daily monitor of manage my investments. They need to be in safe hands and with Realm this appears strongly to be the case.

Regular contact with my Financial Advisor who keeps me up to date with my portfolio. The online service is very useful and informative. In these troubling times my investments have held up very well and this is due to the continuous monitoring and adjustments.

Andrew T.

4+ Years

They successfully moved legacy pensions but at the same time advising that one should be left where it is. Very honest approach at the expense of lost income for them. 2020 has been a bad year for all of us. Having said that I am comfortable that my investments are in a safe place. I am in for the long haul and have no qualms for the long term of my investments.

Jean T.

3+ Years

Monica W.

10+ Years

Thorough research to back up investment decisions. Personal contact with Eugene over the years has always confirmed and reassured.

Always clarified my wishes and objectives and then delivered.

John S.

5+ Years

Great service and conscientious thought into my investment risk.

They have always looked at my personal objectives, and have  kept things in line for my investment timescales.

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